Difference between exclusive dating and relationship

30-Sep-2017 06:15

Don't think that just 'cause you've spent a considerable amount of time together, you'll always be together.

This is exclusivity, and not commitment.♥ Pay much attention to social media, and worry about your relationship status.

Dating itself can be incredibly confusing, much less, defining what your relationship status is.

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Desire: You both desire to be together all the time.You can only determine which term is appropriate by discussing it with the person you are seeing.Two people who are dating may not consider themselves a couple and may see other people.'Cause y'all go on dates, care for each other, meet each other's friends; in short, do everything that a couple would do.

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However, in (online) dating norms, they say exclusive dating is precursor to being called boyfriend/girlfriend. But there are certain universal dos and don'ts that have to be taken care of, for a successful relationship. After a certain time, people get bored of their relationships, and they start falling short of topics of conversation.

Dating is like, super hard now, so it’s a wonder how the human race will continue to procreate with the ratio of bad dates to couple-success stories.