Do guys like dating short girls

30-Jan-2017 13:20

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On the other hand, shorter women are easier to handle.

It is easier for them to move around, since their legs don’t have to be all over the place.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you hug someone shorter than you?

Picture this: can you imagine Katie Holmes or Mariah Carey playing and running around like a five year old?

On the other hand, a tall woman with small boobs, but a big butt looks like there is something wrong somewhere. Heck, even casual sex is becoming acceptable these days, with certain rules to follow to make sure you won’t eff this up, regardless of the height.

Of course, there are acceptable situations in terms of women’s assets, but generally, a disproportional body looks more obvious on taller women than the shorter ones. When it comes to sex, it turns out that shorter girls are even better in bed.

Of course, no one is stopping them from doing it, but it just looks so awkward.

Hence, taller women are expected to move with more maturity because, well, it’s not too nice to see a tall girl being playful. They look more fun and less serious, which means they can be up for a challenge. She’s like a doll you never get to play with because your mom won’t allow you.

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There are still short women who are capable of keeping a man down, thanks to a karate or judo background.

At the same time, they weigh less compared to taller women, making it easier for men to experiment with in bed.