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23% of the women shared their number with the young man. In the no-odor location – 13.5% of women shared their number with the young man. Twice as many women said yes in a pleasant-smelling location as those in a neutral-odor location. It’s may seem like a small difference – but statistically, the men doubled their chances of getting digits simply by changing the location of the request. The surprising factor is that the fragrance wasn’t worn by any of the men.They simply solicited women for their contact details in a good-smelling area of a shopping mall. So make your requests in an area with a pleasant and ambient fragrance.200 were approached in neutral or unpleasant-smelling locations.The results when the phone number was request in a pleasant-smelling area of the mall… Nothing else mattered – they men were all equally charming, attractive and smooth.If you would like to be on the list of men notified when we come out with this fragrance line – Click here to learn more.When I'm first meeting a girl and teasing her and being cocky etc etc (you know the drill), they respond well and seem to be interested in me.

They were instructed to approach 18-25 year old women in the mall and ask for their phone numbers using this script – “My name is Antoine, you seem very nice.This week I would like to turn the tables around and try something a little bit different.Something that just might make you take a new perspective and think about things in a way you've never thought about before...The researchers selected attractive men because it’s not likely for a woman to accept a date request from a random stranger…

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unless they were attractive enough for her to consider it.

A total of 400 women were approached for the purpose of this experiment.