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A quoted reference from Miss Agnes Clerke in 1905 speaks of a “possible accomplishment of a circuit in 10,000 years…”.

Full rotation however, is reported occurring every 20.5386 days.

Sobel writes that Pickerings note read that sometimes it appears as a single, and at other times, a double!

His theory eventually was proved that the small k-line separation effect is due to the two stars rotation about each other and that it completes “an orbital period every six months” (Wikipedia – Mizar and Alcor – May 13th 2017 ) To be rock solid truthful, however, although the Draper Memorial group were the first to spectroscopically observe this double dating duo, credit is also due to Riccioli in 1650, G.

Mizar and Alcor, after the passing of 120 years of astronomical observation, and research, were revealed to be more than an optical binary.

Below, I offer you, below, a revealing look at what is now known to be a our sextuplet!

I conclude that Miss Clerke was referring to the separation of the optical binaries, as they fall towards each other gravitationally, and push apart with their remaining momentum. I must admit to being a slow savory reader, and not having finished The Glass Universe, I cannot vouch for this lady of the Royal Astronomical Society being a Harvard Computer per se.

As an aside, if we were able to live a few “circuits”, due diligence would divulge chaos directing the non-ordinary push and shove of such a system. However, at the speed of wiki, we find that overseas she was known for her collating, interpretation and summarization of astronomical research.

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If only red shift detection could be done at will, and fully funded to keep research active for years to come at the Green Bank Telescope, West Virginia, we’d only need to ask once or maybe twice for a peek under the bed-sheets of our sextuplet daters.

This theory of mine is the result of my most current fling with author, James Gleick’s “Chaos, Making a New Science”. Clerke made her observations two years after her honorary election into the Royal Astronomical Society, along with Lady Huggins, in 1903. (Wikipedia – Agnes Mary Clerke – May 14th 2017, ).

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