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A number of noted celebrities, including Tom Selleck and Jim Carrey, have started out as bachelors on this show.

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PASSWORD (1960s) (12 episodes) hosted by Allen Ludden 39. STUMP THE STARS (1960) 5 shows Hosted By Mike Stokely 41. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (1952) Early Version of To Tell The Truth hosted By MIKE WALLACE 44. It is a promotional reel hosted by Mark Goodman introducing the new format for the classic Price Is right (which is the format they still use today). THE NAME IS THE SAME (1955) Hosted by Dennis James people try to stump the stars with a famous name (ie, one woman’s name was Jesse James) and in the format of To Tell The Truth, they question the contestant. TREASURE ISLE (1967) Hosted by John Bartholemew Tucker. THE BABY GAME (1968) Hosted by Richard Hayes, couples watch films of children trying to predict what they will do next. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (1956) This is actually the original pilot for the daytime version of the show. YOU BET YOUR LIFE (20 shows) - Groucho Marx stars in this famous quiz show - many episodes with original commercials 71. But anything from 8oz to 1pound is now .38 with insurance. Blame the USPS Postage will be by First Class INTERNATIONAL MAIL "The dvd's arrived very fast and my sister and I watched them right away.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (1956 & 1957) Bill Cullen – 5 episodes 18. 1966 show hosted by Jack Whitaker / 1968 show hosted by Jack Clark 19.

1955 hosted By Jack Bailey / 1966 show hosted by Bob Barker 23.

All DVDs come with a menu with episode titles for easy episode access.

BEAT THE ODDS (2 episodes hosted by Warren Hull) 80. WHAT'S YOUR BID - Hosted By Liberal Bill This is a 25 DVD collection. CONCENTRATION (1964 & 1966) 2 shows hosted By Hugh Downs 10. DO YOU TRUST YOUR WIFE (1957) Daytime version of the show hosted by a very young Johnny Carson 7. QUEEN FOR A DAY (1959) 3 episodes Hosted By Jack Baily 9. ,000 QUESTION (1956) 2 episodes hosted By Hal March 26.

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