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Tektites glass-like bits of rock which were dated at about , years on the basis of potassium-argon dating and stratigraphic studies, were found to be only to years old according to radiocarbon dating of accompanying charcoal. However, even if the radiocarbon dates for the 15 samples from the Great Pyramid that were tested are assumed to be reasonably accurate, it is argued that there is still no certainty that they tell us its original age. It has long been believed that the dating of early dynasties might be at fault.

All of them came from the exterior of the Pyramid, from between the core masonry blocks or between the core masonry and the former casing stones and may therefore date from a later phase of work. Should this data can be supported by further tests, then the dating of the dynasties will have to be addressed, as suggested by Lockyer, Petrie, and others. Joseph Davidovits of the French Geopolymer Institute discovered a hair sticking out of a boulder of the Cheops Khufu pyramid of Giza He concluded that either the hair is older than the rock surrounding it, meaning the rock formed later, or the boulder is synthetic. Examination and measurements of the boulders used in building the pyramid show an unusually high moisture content the kind one would expect to find in concrete. Following a detailed examination of the severe, undulating erosion on the walls of the Sphinx enclosure, Dr Robert Schoch, together with other geologists and geophysicists, concluded that the Sphinx had been weathered mainly by rainfall before the Sahara became a desert, and must therefore be at least years old.

For instance, there are living snails in artesian springs in southern Nevada which have such low radiocarbon contents in their shells that they have theoretically been dead for 27, years.

A bone from beds at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, which, on the basis of other radiocarbon dates and geological considerations, are thought to be over 29, years old, yielded a radiocarbon age of only years.

Visoko is a city in central Bosnia Herzegovina of rich culture Located between Zenica Sarajevo, lies Bosna river where some suggest wood would allow accurate pyramid because must left shaft when constructed.

The World’s Oldest Papyrus What It Can Tell Us About Great Pyramids foreword.

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2006 New Evidence From Location Exodus Sea Crossing, Part 1 ‘pesh-en-kef. Discovery they Don’t Want You Know exactly dated pyramids?

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Egyptian pyramids carbon dating the Pyramids of Giza consist of the Great Pyramid of. International media covered a sensational story of a man claiming to have discovered a group of huge. Years of burrowing by pocket gophers.… continue reading »

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Carbon Dating Indicates the Bosnian Pyramid. organic material on the pyramids for radiocarbon dating in order to be able to. Egyptian Building Techniques.… continue reading »

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Carbon dated to be carbon 14 dated and complex rules, on the major pyramids by looking at least 25000 years. Egyptian pyramid dating. Radioactive isotopes nail the work of the pyramids of giza pyramid built.… continue reading »

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