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Last month, a colossal pharaoh's head - thought to belong to either Ramses II or King Psammetichus I - and a limestone bust of Seti II, were unearthed from from the mud of a Cairo slum.

On the heels of that find, a new pyramid dating back to the 13th dynasty, was discovered just south of Cairo by an Egyptian excavation team.

"We look at tourism as a way to support conservation, so if tourism drops, then that could then have a negative impact on the conservation of the sites.

If they don't have the resources to protect the site, that's a huge concern." The Grand Egyptian Museum, a billion-dollar project dedicated to Egypt's antiquities that is expected to partially open in 2018 in close proximity to the Giza pyramids, has been championed as a saviour of tourism.

The 60,000-square-foot structure has been dubbed "Giza's fourth pyramid" by Egyptian officials, is roughly five times bigger than the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, and is described as the largest archaeological museum in the world.

But whether this grandiose museum will translate into an increase of foreign visitors to Egypt and its pyramids, remains to be seen.

Nearly two and a half million Russians visited Egypt in 2014, making up roughly a third of the country's visitors, and a revival of this flow in human traffic would also boost the sagging tourism sector.

"The fact that high-profile individuals like Lionel Messi and Will Smith were visiting the country, they were very hopeful that those were good signs and that they would attract people back to the country," he added.

This evident slump in traffic is worrying for the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO, which is reponsible for preserving the pyramids.

"It concerns us because we understand that dynamic of tourism," said Peter De Brine, a senior project officer of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and a coordinator of its Sustainable Tourism Programme.

That reality is more visible, just a few blocks away, towards the banks of the River Nile.

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The marble-encrusted lobbies of Cairo's many luxury hotels overlooking the Nile, once bustling with globetrotting tourists from every corner of the earth, are now silent.

During Christmas time and Easter holidays, no room, no hotels, no cars, no guide. Cook noted that Egypt's tourism industry has often borne the brunt of the country's political uncertainty and its security crises.