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28-Jan-2017 12:17

In addition to specifying the proximate month and day, you can specify the discount percent and the discount days.

The system multiplies the gross amount by the discount percent to calculate the discount available, and adds the discount days to the invoice date to calculate the discount due date.

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Payment terms are used by the JD Edwards Enterprise One Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems to specify a payment due date and, optionally, a discount percent and discount due date.

You define a payment term by using a one-, two-, or three-character combination of these types of characters: For example, you might use A1%, which combines all three types of characters, for a percentage payment term code.

The JD Edwards Enterprise One Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems use the same payment terms; payment terms are not system specific.

Use net payment terms to specify the due date of the transaction by adding some number of days to the invoice date of the transaction.You set up standard payment terms using the Payment Terms Revisions program (P0014).The system uses the information for the payment term code to calculate the values for the due date, discount available, and discount due date on the invoice and voucher entry forms.Anchor Bank is a leading Northwest region financial institution with history dating back more than 100 years stati uniti d.