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Youth involvement can benefit organizations and their programs as well as the youth themselves.Programs that are developed in partnership with youth are more likely to be effective at engaging the population and, therefore, to have a greater impact.The resources were uploaded into a community-wide map, which was then used to inform community leaders about existing gaps and challenges. Youth provide an excellent source of human and social capital within communities.Their networks consist of their peers as well as family members and adult friends who have access to local resources.Involving youth as partners in making decisions that affect them increases the likelihood that the decisions will be accepted, adopted, and become part of their everyday lives.In addition, empowering youth to identify and respond to community needs helps them become empathetic, reflective individuals, setting them on a course to potentially continue this important work in their future.

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Many are familiar with age-appropriate team building exercises and activities that can be incorporated.

Plan The National 4-H Council's Engaging Youth, Serving Communities project requires adults to work with youth to organize community forum.