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The schedule for these sessions is on the diocesan website.employee or volunteer must take the 3-hour in-person PGC training for adults at one of the locations throughout the diocese.Communication includes talking with your child, listening to your child, and learning all you can about your child’s world.Speak Up Talk with your child about “adult” material.

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Communication is key to learning whether an adult who interacts with your child is grooming your child through the use of sexually explicit material and language.

Educate him or her about the fact that pornography is wrong and that our human sexuality is a precious gift from God that is to be cherished and valued — not put on display or cheapened in any way.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness. Ending Teen Dating Violence. Expect Respect is a school-based program for preventing teen dating violence and promoting safe.… continue reading »

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Original article Implementing a Targeted Teen Dating Abuse Prevention Program Challenges and Successes Experienced by Expect Respect Facilitators… continue reading »

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Expect Respect A Toolkit for. to challenge the attitudes of teenagers to violence and abuse in relationships. Curriculum, SEAL3 and Every Child Matters4… continue reading »

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Twitter to expect respect teen dating violence curiculum announce the album's official single of this song also appeared on the re-release dvd is a must-have.… continue reading »

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The Expect Respect program is an ecologically informed school-based teen dating violence. curriculum with the goal to. Expect Respect A School-based Teen.… continue reading »

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