Fb error validating application

19-Feb-2018 22:50

After a successful authentication, further communication with the card is done in plain/plain MAC/encrypted MAC, depending on the access bits for the particular file.

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The last 2 modes are useful if you need to communicate with a DESFire card through PC/SC, or you need to emulate DESFire on Java Cards.

The card terminal (PCD) always use DECRYPT_MODE (both when recieving and sending encrypted data), and the card always uses ENCRYPT_MODE.

However, the DESFire crypto is a bit different from the normal DES/CBC scheme: The PCD uses DES “send mode” when sending data (xor before DES), and the card uses DES “recieve mode” when recieving data (xor after DES).

As stated above, the template form contains platform–independent attachments of several libraries.

These libraries are used while running the form as a part of Oracle Applications.

These samples can be completely removed from the form later as they are only examples and are not required.