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The rest are kicking ass too because there are so many things that need to fall in place to make the whole thing work.

Thank God, some came to their senses and made the best product possible.

We did our best, to find the best and here it is folks, the best foot fetish sites presented for your consumption.

Feet are the most commonly fetishized non-sexual body part (sorry, elbows).

If you just glance over the sites section you will get to see just a thumbnail of the sites that are reviewed and as you can see, some seem glossy like for example 21footart.

They are combining the elegance of love making, which is hard to do by itself, and are combining it with the foot fetish.

Making this combo work takes knowledge, talent, and willingness to make such an artistic thing appealing. Then, there are those that seem simpler, where you just have pictures of feet and you get to pop one off by rubbing your meat to these images.


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Between the deep penetration, the deliciousness of someone sucking on your toes, you will suddenly Have him lie back with his head elevated with some pillows so he can see what the Best Footjob Ever looks like.Sit between his legs, resting your feet on the top of his thighs.Lube up your feet (feel free to make a big deal about it) then press them together tightly around his penis, using your hands for a tighter fit.Then, what kind of stockings is she using, fence net or fish net.

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