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07-Apr-2017 01:39

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Of course, this is thanks in large part to recent medical and recreational marijuana legislation.

With that comes a newfound access to all kinds of information and a refreshing lack of judgment.

The popular mobile chat service, which has over a billion users worldwide, has rolled out an update to Android users that greatly expands their messaging possibilites.

Whats App users are now able to enjoy reliable video calling free of charge, more stable video downloads, and animate gif support.

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Yep, somewhere between Instagram and Seamless, you can now also keep a list of dispensaries in your area and endless information about specific cannabis strains, right on your phone.

Ahead, we've got five apps that marijuana users swear by.

And that means newbies should probably check 'em out ASAP.

So thankfully, you don't have to feel so embarrassed when asking your budtender whatever dumb question comes to mind.

But even if you're on-the-go or you don't live in a weed-legal state, you can still satisfy your curiosity from your phone.

You can select a dispensary to see what strains and specific products they have on offer as well as any deals that are available. There's also a global feed where you can see what everyone is up to, which can help combat the isolation of living in an area where marijuana is still a taboo topic.