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While his father his drilling him, Chase offers to spell the word 'cat', but he does not get off the hook that easily.'"Cat" is an easy word! The video Chadd made provides an example of a child with autism's way of expressing himself to his father.

Children with the disability fall on a spectrum: some can carry out extensive conversations while others have a harder time putting words together.

This moving video showcases a heartwarming example of a 16-year-old with autism and his father communicating in their own special language.

In the clip Chadd Wickert talks to his son, Chase, about what he wants to do that day.

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It is important to say the name of the individual with autism who you are speaking to before you being talking so that they know to pay attention to what you say.The father-son interaction highlights how Chase communicates, and Chadd reminds viewers that autistic children, like his son, have their own ways of expressing their feelings.According to the CDC one in every 68 children in the US has autism.Chadd teases him when he goofs off and high-fives him when he answers questions correctly.