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18-Nov-2017 14:02

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And some of the potential applications of neural network driven deep learning and machine vision are really hair-raising.

We've all seen video of mass demonstrations over the past year.

Engineers with untested assumptions about the human subjects of their machines can wreak havoc.) All of this is pretty horrific — so far, so 2017 — but I'd like to throw two more web pages in your face.Police already routinely record demonstrations: now they'll be able to apply offline analytics to work out who was there and track protestors' activities in the long term ...and coordinate with public CCTV and face recognition networks to arrest them long afterwards, if they're so inclined.It turns out that facial recognition neural networks can be trained to accurately recognize pain!

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The researchers were doubtless thinking of clinical medical applications — doctors are bad at objectively evaluating patients' expressions of pain and patients often don't self-evaluate effectively — but just think how much use this technology might be to a regime bent of using torture as a tool of social repression (like, oh, Egypt or Syria today).

They also appear to be better than human beings at evaluating sexual orientation of a subject, which might be of interest in President Pence's Republic of Gilead, or Chechnya, or Iran.