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22-Sep-2017 21:40

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It can be something like two spaces between every sentence, extra periods or bizarre indentations.

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Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate exchanging messages with a human.

Sends a Link Without You Asking for One Unless the link is directly related to a topic you brought up of your own will, it is most likely spam. Asks for Personal Financial Information Real person or not, receiving a message asking for any personal financial information such as your credit card number means it’s time to say goodbye.

Responds Suspiciously Quickly Real humans need to sleep and take more than .1 second to type a detailed response.

Here’s How it Works Two minutes before a live call is scheduled to end a warning prompt will interrupt the call momentarily.

The phone operator/agent will then have the option of using ‘Extend-a-Call’ which allows the Customer to purchase additional time via the payment module by simply pressing ‘33’ on their keypad.

It isn’t suspicious for someone to mention Tinder while they are chatting on Tinder.