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If you know how your animals, think, react and behave you can build a good fence to control them. Fences for cattle need higher fences than sheep; deer require expensive fencing; wool growing sheep are timid in their approach to a fence whereas cross-bred ewes are frequently aggressive in attempting to crawl through or under a fence. Bulls and stallions put tremendous pressure on a fence.This book is available from the centre The Secret Life of Flies. The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London.Today Australia has the oldest living crickets, lacewings, beetles and ants, and the only silent cicadas in the world.While these ancestral forms have disappeared from other continents, they have hung on in Australia, maintaining their close associations with the native plants and animals, enduring and adapting through the millennia. Since their evolution in the Devonian, some 365 million years ago, they have penetrated almost every habitat on Earth.Ecology of Plant-Derived Smoke is a comprehensive resource for ecologists seeking to understand the properties of smoke as they relate to ecosystems.This book is available from the centre Fencing, A Practical Handbook, 2009.This book is available for loan Dig Deeper, Seasonal, sustainable Australian gardening. Guiding you through the seasons, each chapter is divided into four parts: annuals, perennials and bulbs; grasses, groundcovers and climbers; shrubs and trees; and herbs, fruit and vegetables.

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Well-constructed, well positioned fencing is one of the most effective management tools you can have. The type of stock and the intensity of land use both influence the pressure on a fence.

These and other uses have, in the past and in the present, spawned large organizations that have earned billions of dollars from the sale of smoke products.

One needs look only at tobacco or the Arabian incense trade that existed at the time of Christ to realize the enormous socioeconomic importance of smoke.

It reveals worlds that we often glimpse at but rarely stop to consider.

With an authoritative text, 300 superb full-colour photographs and many detailed illustrations, Australian Insects: a Natural History turns the spotlight on the lives of these ingenious and magnificently adaptive animals. Dig Deeper is the definitive gardening manual for the modern gardener.The earnings from these two industries alone have rivalled those of the contemporary oil industry.Our ancestors may have used smoke as a tool for promoting seed germination and growth for centuries.Ecology of Plant-Derived Smoke: its use in seed germination, 2014. Oxford University Press Ever since our early ancestors learned how to make fire, the smoke it produces has also found a number of uses.

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