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I personally can't wait to close a few pairs of lips with scriptures of my own.Special thanks to the author for taking the time to teach the reader a thing or 2 about the Bible.I have coined the term 'foreskin envy' here to describe the obsessive emphasis given in the Holy Writ on the rite of circumcision, especially when it reaches the extreme of being performed on the dead." (Pg.234)After quoting Judges 15:1-6, he states, "After this and other exploits, Samson patronized a whore and shacked up with her for almost two days straight! 341-342)He ends with the observation, "As a fitting close, it is most appropriate to quote two Bible texts [Ecc and 9:9-10] which reflect a sane, healthy and refreshingly hedonistic view on the subject of humankind's brief span on this earth and how our unmitigated enjoyment of sex might help to enhance our appreciation of this, the only life we can be truly assured of." (Pg.

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I was astounded to discover the great amount of sex in the Good Book, for until that time, I had viewed it as the literal word of God." (Pg.

The numbers are similar to a previous report about ‘compliant sexual activity’ which revealed that 55 per cent of U. women and 35 per cent of men had had sex to keep their partner happy when they weren’t feeling like it.