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The lack of Epstein's supervision and the Beatles' inexperience as businessmen led to an unexpectedly chaotic venture that only added to stress when the band returned to the studio to produce their 1968 double album The Beatles, also known as the White Album.

In the early years, Lennon and Mc Cartney were the band's primary songwriters and vocalists, as Harrison and Starr took more supporting roles.

Lennon and Mc Cartney would often compose one song per album for Starr to sing, while Harrison would either cover an old standard or record one of his own compositions.

From 1965 onwards, Harrison's compositions started to mature and become more appealing in their quality.

He was disillusioned and resentful that their Transcendental Meditation guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, had not fulfilled his expectations.

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His unexpected death left the future of Apple Corps in doubt.

The break-up of the Beatles was a cumulative process throughout the period 1968 to 1970, marked by rumours of a split and ambiguous comments by the Beatles themselves regarding the future of the group.