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That and his anti-redistributionist theme should headline his campaign.

I also felt that Atlas Shrugged should have been longer but I have a solution to the problem: Read it again.

The version I received for Christmas from my father-in-law was read by Christopher Hurt. But a new (2008) reading by Scott Brick is much less monotonic, at least in this sample from the book's introduction.

(Said sample fades out halfway through my oft-used "Reason is not automatic" quote.) The Scott Brick reading is listed for about - new.


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Every device connected to Internet has an IP number.He says every Unitarian Minister and school board boss wants to be a Democratic Congressman or Senator, but the good GOP Candidates, like Johnson, can make ten times the money with one-tenth the b******t (sorry, I've been watching Penn & Teller...) in the private sector.But the times, they are a changin' Hat-tip: Insty Excellent story on encouraging news.Thanks to JK and George Will for bringing it to us.