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Thanks to a little help from dopamine, a feel good chemical that makes us want to keep seeking and searching, most of us can think of a time when we’ve been glued to our screens like flies to peanut butter, sifting through countless images, emails, and texts.Perhaps to avoid missing something, an opportunity, or anything that will give us more of what we are searching for.And because we have immediate access to things and each other, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and feel like everything has to be done last week.If we’re not careful, half the day can be spent responding to emails and the other half can be spent in well meaning but energy draining meetings.Unless you’re a 6-year-old child, the words “I’m bored” probably rarely enters your mind (although I’d love for it to enter mine).

One way to combat this feeling is to be selective and choose to spend time with those who feed you emotionally.It’s a rapid sequence of tasks that look like multitasking.If I try to pay bills while watching television, my ability to engage in either activity would be limited.In a world where we have access to almost anything, it’s easy to avoid what needs to get done.