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According to Europe1 radio, for factory workers in France the suicide rate stands at 31,8 pour 100.000, for policeman it is 32 out of 100,000, for doctors it stands at 31 and for the general population it is 16 per 100,000.

In 2008, during the milk crisis in France an INVS study found the risk of suicide among farmers was 47 percent higher than for the average population.

I’ve worked very hard on many projects where I remain anonymous, and I think that happens to a lot of designers.

I had been working towards and waiting for a project like this for 5 years, there are no overnight successes!

Hiervoor dient u uw eerste Qualifying kaart (Q-kaart) te lopen.Since 2008 he has worked on custom fonts for Google, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble and more. The custom chromatic design had to match stylistically with Trade Gothic. I researched and examined other chromatic fonts and the origins of Trade Gothic dating back to the 19th Century, but we still needed the new fonts to look like ‘contemporary Americana.’ There were some things, like the spur on the G, or the flag on the 1 that were influenced by limitations of the inline weight. I looked at some Gothic origins in old ATF catalogs.I studied Gill Sans Shadow to learn how to make the illogical shadow adjustments that are required for optical weight balance (like the S or diagonals of N and M, for example). I’m probably too impatient and am the most excited at the beginning of a project.The mailing list is run by Mailman, a program run on our servers, there is no human action involved in list maintenance other than the deletion of email accounts.

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Commands are sent to the program thru email, to make it do certain things.a.A "list" is a group of people with common interests sharing information thru email.It is similar to a newsletter except that you send & receive information using ONE email address([email protected]com), to alot of other people or subscribers.In a three year period between 20, 485 farmers took their own lives, which represents a suicide every two days on average.