Hoda kotb dating burzis kanga

03-Dec-2017 17:28

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Although she was born in America, her ancestral roots can be traced back to Egypt.

She is a multi awarded news presenter and works for the broadcasting industry since 1986.

Before Kotb turned to her co-hosts for guidance when it comes to maintaining personal space, conflict resolutions and more, she said there was one person she was skittish to tell. I know it sounds weird – I’ve been married, it’s like whatever.

The pair met by a twist of fate as Hoda told the Huffington Post in July: 'I almost didn't go out the night I met him.

'Cause you know how you don't feel like it because it's raining and icky and why not just watch a 'Law & Order' rerun and stay home and eat potato chips - and I'm so glad I went out that night because it was a chance meeting that ended up being kind of a life transforming event for me.'Despite having had to re-enter the dating pool after her divorce, which she said she found 'awkward and weird and freaky', Hoda added: 'I have found real life joy right as I'm knocking on the door of 50.

She was stunned when he suggested she and Haley move in with him," the source said. Joel told Hoda he wants to marry her and raise Haley.

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Of course, she was thrilled." The breast cancer survivor's marriage to Joel would be her second. I adopted her," Hoda said while holding back tears on the phone.

She is also an acknowledged author who has released her own autobiographical book about her journey as a news reporter in 2010.

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