Implementing validating environmental health monitoring system

18-Dec-2017 03:05

The monitoring and evaluation system – meaning the clarification of what should be monitored and evaluated, by whom, how and when – should be set up during the planning phase of the project cycle or at the latest in the beginning of implementation.

A solid analysis of the problem and its context should be carried out as part of the strategy development and planning and can serve as a baseline for subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

In order to set up a monitoring and evaluation system, health professionals should consider the following steps and answer the following questions: Define the purpose and scope of the monitoring and evaluation system: The purposes could include issues such as accountability to funding agencies, partners and beneficiaries; informing strategic directions, to make changes, if necessary; informing operational directions, to make changes, if necessary; and empowering key stakeholders.

Each purpose has different consequences for the process (e.g., if the purpose is to empower the stakeholders, the process will be more participatory and learning-oriented).

Organize the data collection and analysis: What methods will you use to ensure the right data are being collected and analysed? Methods can be qualitative/ quantitative, individual/group based, participatory/conventional.

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However, relatively little is known about the implications and recovered consequences of implementing outcome monitoring in clinical and social practices.

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