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10-Mar-2017 03:09

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Most Americans, parents included, support the idea of comprehensive sex education.

But, as Americans slowly wean themselves off the failure that was “abstinence-only education,” few people are asking if comprehensive sex education is comprehensive enough.

Sadly, they are applauded for this kind of harassment starting at a young age.

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Obviously, you don’t want to find a duplicate of yourself, as that would be boring, but someone who has overlapping sensibilities is bound to make you happier than someone you consider your opposite.2) Breaking up doesn’t make you a failure. Most of us know people who persisted in a bad relationship for months or even years because they falsely believed terminating the relationship meant it was a failure.

(See: Susan Patton.) The audience for most of the scare stories about “hookup culture” and hand-wringing about the marriage prospects of young women is predominantly older, more conservative folks, but some of these fears are bound to trickle down to young women, causing them unnecessary fear and clinginess.

Part of the dating and sex education curriculum, then, should be a unit on why delaying marriage and childbirth not only won’t leave you lonely, but is correlated with better marriages and fewer divorces.

Women who try to date online often find that men send shockingly blunt sexual requests without even bothering with the preliminary of introducing themselves first.

Where do guys get the idea that this behavior is cool, or even marginally acceptable?

Sites like Paging Doctor Nerdlove are a good place to get information teaching boys that the art of flirting will get them a lot further than pestering or harassing ever will.4) Sex should be fun.

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