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Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, 54, made his West End debut in 1993 with his one-man show. I have some of the same genetics as women, so I’m transgender.

Since then, he’s starred in films including Valkyrie and Ocean’s Thirteen, run 70 marathons (43 consecutively in 2009 and 27 this year) and toured Europe in three different languages. When I see a pair of nice heels I think, “Yeah, that could work.

One of the first things he did was redesign the whole filing system so no-one knew where anything was except him, which I thought was a good move.

He joined BP as a filing clerk, not really knowing what he wanted to do.

There's a great little scene of him, me and my mother, he keeps poking me in the eye and my mother keeps pulling his hand away... Everything was being built then and they were constantly building bungalows, so we used to climb all over the roofs of them and pour water in all the cement mixers so it would all harden. I kept it and gave it to my brother as a cufflink from a Plasticraft set, along with a toenail. A bench had fallen on his foot, and a similar bench had hit my foot several months before, and so we had matching smashed toes. I now think it's a work of Dadaist brilliance but my artistic career began and ended there with the horrified expression on my brother's face. That was very different to the essential green and rain and running around Northern Ireland. I cycled from Little Chef to Little Chef, eating the maple syrup and ice-cream and orange fruities at petrol stations and going to farms and saying, 'Can I sleep in your field? Here's a bit of water,' and I'd get woken up by cows who were just looking into the tent scaring the shit out of me. Before my mum died, they decided that me and my brother should go off to these boarding schools, because I think my dad had just got a career going.

We've got a cinefilm of him running round playing football then poking me in the eye. I was going to primary school and drinking these third-pints of milk and the biscuits you'd get at break times and just drawing pictures of our house, Mum, Dad and stuff, and being in a gang and throwing mud balls at passing cars. There was blood and stuff and a lot of yelling but it was actually quite a neat tooth, with a dunce's hat-shaped root coming out of the top of it. They're these big chunky Plasticraft, blue-based things, one with a toenail and one with a tooth. I left in '67 and moved to South Wales, near Swansea - a place called Skewn. I want to lose weight.' But my dad gave me some money and a Little Chef map, which was the worst map to give me.

How does Eddie choose his attire on any given morning? "I've never really gone into my relationships because partners tend to say they'd rather not be judged on the things I say," he explains.7. In 2003 Eddie received an honorary degree from the University of East Anglia for "promoting tolerance of other cultures and lifestyles" and "transcending national boundaries through his humour".10. Aden was a British colony at the time; BP had a refinery there and they built a town, roads and a hospital. He ended up taking this post in Aden, which is a bit like saying, 'I'm going to the moon.' It's still miles away, but this was in the fifties." - Eddie knuckled down and spent a decade honing his craft, reaping the benefits when his surreal, rambling stand up routines won Emmy, Perrier and Time Out gongs.

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