Is shia labeouf and megan fox dating

22-May-2017 01:53

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The franchise's director Michael Bay recently revealed that the 25-year-old actress was replaced in the latest movie at the orders of executive producer Steven Spielberg, after she compared Bay to Hitler in a magazine interview.

It's one thing to turn up the controversy when you are promoting a movie, but this was really low.

A source insists that Shia has "really upset" the couple, with Megan "in tears" ever since he made their affair public. We still maintain he had no business running his mouth off like that.

Star’s (also anonymous) source seems to be telling the same story: the two co-stars are in love and don’t know how to go about making their relationship public, granted this is what they want in the first place.He had a troubled childhood due to his father’s drug addiction and they were rather poor.But once, he got the recognition and became a breakout star, everything changed dramatically.It seemed to be for good until the couple confirmed their separation.

The age difference was also noted to be a factor in their divorce, since Fox was still young and trying to build her career and Green was happy staying home.

Both tabloids are now running similar stories on Shia and Megan in their print issues, saying that the two have actually been getting very close in recent weeks, up to the point of being head over heels in love right now.

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