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14-Feb-2017 08:31

Also, let's not forget that time Ellen did this dance.

*Worships Nappy Tabs* When you think SYTYCD, you think "Park Bench dance." You just do.

As a non-hip hop dancer, Pasha totally kept up with his partner Lauren, who, might we say, slaaayyyyyyed.

Also, the humor and athleticism in this routine that choreographer Shane Sparks incorporated proves why he's still one of the best.

Not only was the choreography amazing, but Travis Wall had his superstardom moment in the dance world and we are now fortunate enough to see him all the time on SYTYCD as a choreographer.

Also, the theatricality and intensity is a nice counter-balance to some of the more raw and subtle routines. The Nancy Sinatra track gave this dance LIFE and it's a masterpiece. Because it's so personal, Amy and Zack didn't hold back, and it proved to be absolutely breathtaking.

(Also, did you notice the audience didn't make any annoying sounds? Ugh, who doesn't love Fik-Shun and Amy—together and individually?

This just makes us want to get up and DANCE UNTIL WE CAN' T.

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Watching Alex Wong, the ballet guy, just get up and KILL this with t Witch is incredible.Season 10 winner Amy Yakima danced with Travis Wall (who also created the routine) in what might have been the perfect pairings of dancers, music choice, and choreo. ), Jeanine and Jason play childhood friends who are crossing the line of making their friendship into something more.Jeanine and Jason absolutely killed this and just thinking about it can make your hair rise. First off, we have BREAKING NEWS: Sam and Lindsay are possibly back together. Oh and Adam Lambert is gay, in case you didn’t know that.

Jul 13, 2015. Should we “accidentally” make a loud noise so someone would come investigate? We settled on peeking our heads in, and were immediately greeted with waves and smiles. About ten minutes after that, we were in conversation with Leigh and Sonya, and we were completely hooked and never wanted to.… continue reading »

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Aug 28, 2017. of people, all while walking the line between being accessible and being as artistically ambitious as possible. This year, the production is As You Like It, and it has all women at the helm director Laurie Woolery, composer Shaina Taub who also appears in the production, choreographer Sonya Tayeh.… continue reading »

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Aug 27, 2014. Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, this routine represents one's need for salvation and peace. Nigel. Katee played the crazy girlfriend so well and overall it was just an amazing thing to watch. Choreographed by Mia Michaels, this routine is about addiction and the horrible effects it has on a person.… continue reading »

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Jul 18, 2016. Sonya Tayeh is raising funds for you'll still call me by name on Kickstarter! Sonya Tayeh's emotionally charged dance-symphony explores a mystifying, complex, jagged relationship between a mother and daughter.… continue reading »

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