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Secrets of The Cross: Mary Magdalene – Saint or Sinner?

Channel Five Television (CTVC), 21 September 2008 Written and Directed by Martin Kemp Series Producer John Fothergill Narrated by Colin Tierney Featured Professor James D.

Biblical Conspiracies 1: Secrets of The Sculpture The Discovery Channel UK, 25 January 2015 Originally shown on The Science Channel (US) Directed by Graeme Ball Executive Producer Simcha Jacobovici Narrated by Ron White Science Channel and Vision TV/Zoomer Media/AP Codebreakers Productions Ltd Featured Dr Loredana Di Marzio, Roy Doliner, Professor William E.

Wallace, Dr Francesco Stante, Tomaso Emaldi, Dr Lisa Hillier, Roberto Saponelli, Dr Cinzia Chiari, Professor Paul Gwynne, Margaret Starbird, Silvano Vinceti * Michelangelo hid a dangerous secret about Jesus Christ, embedded within his works of art * Based on the book by Benjamin Blech & Roy Doliner, The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages In The Heart of The Vatican (foreword by Enrico Bruschini, Harper Collins, 2008) America Unearthed: The Templars' Deadliest Secret.

Mary Magdalene was a gentile Phoenician priestess perceived as the Goddess Artemis.

Jesus Christ's biological father was the Roman soldier Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (a Phoenician), implying it was the same person as the Roman soldier Panthera mentioned by the Greek philosopher Celsus during the second century.

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The much later Knights Templar theory was first advanced by Fred Nolan with his discovery of a megalithic Templar cross (1981) and later by Michael Bradley (1988) and Andrew Sinclair (1992) Forbidden History 2:2, The Real Holy Grail Yesterday Channel, 12 November 2014 Written and Directed by Bruce Burgess Presented by Jamie Theakston HSP Ltd Production/Like A Shot Entertainment Ltd/UKTV Featured Alan Butler, Andrew Gough, Lionel Fanthorpe, Clive Prince, Graham Phillips, Lynn Picknett, Gerald Morgan, Nigel Jones, Fiona Mirylees, Rob Howells, Brett Harrison, Canon Jaime Sancho * Thomas Wright's small stone vessel (the Hawkstone Grail), The Nanteos Cup, Shugborough Hall's Shepherd's Monument, The Santo Caliz in Valencia, Spain are each considered to be The Holy Grail despite it originating within fiction, within Medieval Romance The Da Vinci Code: The True Story Channel 5, 13 October 2013 Blink Films/LOOKS production for Channel 5, in collaboration with Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Europe, ZDF in collaboration with Arte and BBC Worldwide Directed and Produced by Paul Nelson Executive Producers Dan Chambers, Andra Heritage Narrated by Mark Bazeley Featured Todd Hallowell, The Revd Robin Griffith-Jones, Professor Elaine Pagels, Mario Taddei, Cecilia Frosinini, Professor John Langdon, Professor Maryanne Wolf, Jean-Luc Chaumeil, Nick Boyes, Stuart Mitchell, John Stuart Reid The American Templars, 12 October 2013 Adaptation of the 2009 Novel by David S.

Catherine’s Monastery); Father Girgis (St George’s Church, Heliopolis); Juliana Rahmatalla *After repeating facts familiar to most researchers of Christian origins, Dr Robert Beckford proposed as a serious suggestion that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier named Ben Pantera (cited by Celsus and mentioned in 2nd century Jewish texts) in the town of Sepphoris, of which Jesus Christ became the offspring.

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