Java validating time

27-Aug-2017 14:20

I need to valid a date entered by a user on a form. If I have 3 select boxes in a jsp each for month, day and year that allow the user to select a date, how can I verify that they do not select Feb 30 2003?

I have both the inputs (date format and the actual date) as String objects. But i have one problem here if we given a wrong method it is returning false and for wrong date also it is returning false But my requirement is if we given wrong month it should be tell that we are given wrong month and for date also it should be tell like this please reply ... How will you be able to determine if a date is in format: DD-MM-YYYY HH24: MI: SS or MM-DD-YYYY HH24: MI: SS if you get the date Is it 1st of Feb or 2nd of Jan? I tried the set Lenient(false) and it almost works.

Hi, have any of you done any effecient date validation in their program? Any suggestions public final class Date Validation { protected static boolean is Date(String string) { if (string == null) return false; if (string.index Of("/") Input File: 88 89.5 99.5 11/13/2005 02/22/2005 02/23/2005 89 . such as "yyyy-MM-dd" is valid, but "oooo-oo-uu" is not valid, i know that i can valid it by constructor of Simple Date Format, something like: new Simple Date Format(Hi can someone helpe me , is there any good way of validating an input date string. There are a few other problems, but most of them are probably things you haven't learned yet, and they are not show stoppers so we will let them fly.

Like check if the input is just a space(easy, just use trim()) or if the user input an invalid date...? Even after setting lenient as false in Simple Date Format , for the patter mm/dd/yyyy its validating this date fine : 10/02/23a0 or 10/2/23445 I have seen apache common's date validator , but in version 1.4 or less it doenst not have validdate method with leneincy ... Basically for this part what I'm wanting to do is take in a user input, make this into a date, ensure it's a VALID date, and work out the number of days this is from a "starting date". You already have a lot of work to do to make this better.

Date Validator to validate a date with a simple date pattern "dd/mm/yyyy" Unfortunate part is that if I pass a date in format "2/2/1992" then it declares it as an ... I am in the process of writing an input validation utility. Hi, I am using parse function for date validation to parse the valid format of the date "mm-dd-yyyy".

Originally posted by Jeff Albertson: I hope you realize that asking if the string is a valid date is very different from asking whether it consists of only numbers!!! Now if I give the input date is "", which is a valid format but invalid date for the April month as we don't have 31st in April, parse function throws an exception but I want to catch this exception before It parses ... I need to implement a validation that my "from date" is equal to or greater than the current date(or today's date). I have taken care of all the other validations in the validator class. I have used Simple Date Format for validating that my from date should be less ... It takes an argument Date, and returns the value 0 if the argument Date is equal to this Date; a value less than 0 if this Date is before the Date argument; and a value greater than 0 if this Date is after the Date argument. Hi everyone, Ok so I have a basic Java question, I wasn't sure if I should be placing this in the beginning Java section or this one, so I tried to make my best judgement.

For this reason, client form validation can be faster than server-side validation.

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Microsoft® Office Front Page® 2003 allows you to create some custom validation within the form feature.

This article explains how to provide client-side validation for forms that you create either by hand or by using the form tools within Front Page.

In addition, this article assumes a general understanding of HTML and Java Script, although a thorough understanding is not required.

Hey guys, Need to validate date using RE in format MM/DD/YYYY and optional HH: MM: SS I already have simple solution, but would like to add checks for leap year and dates like 02/30/2006 or 04/31/2006 So far I have this: private static final String date Pattern = "^(0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](19|20)\d d" "( s(([0-1]? date Lenient(false); String str Date = chk Date; // see if it's a valid date; if so then show it try catch (Parse Exception pe) return ! But for my case user can enter the date in any format.

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i have a string now such as string x="10171988" how can i validate the string i want to make sure it is int and no longer than 8 and should be MMDDYYYY the problem is i using servlet to get the post.Thanks in advance GB Hi All, In a application i am trying to validate a date Time string in this particular format.yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss The code which i am using for this validation is public boolean validate Date(String date) If the input is 2007-12-12-12-12-12|1211 ... [0-9])))$"; Hi all, i am trying to validate a date having "yyyy-MM-ddd" format. my code is validating the date when it is like "07-07-07" to invalid date but when i am trying to mention date like "2007123-07-07" it is accepting the date. Thanks private int m_dd, m_mm, m_yyyy, m_hh, m_min, m_ss, m_mil; private static long Millis In Second = 1000; private static long Millis In Minute = Millis In Second * 60; private static long Millis In Hour = Millis In Minute * 60; private static long Millis In Day = Millis In Hour * 24; /** * JDK_BST_FIX * Static initialisation block - check JDK vendor/version in order to determine whether * an adjustment to correctly report ...static boolean call Date(String chk Date) { boolean valid = true; Simple Date Format date Format = new Simple Date Format("dd/MM/yyyy"); // not lenient, otherwise 02/29/2003 becomes 03/01/2003! It could be in any format like 15/01/06 or 15-Jan-06 or or any other valid format. I read the parse function only validates a date for a particular format.I can use a variety of API's to do this (Calendar, Simple Date Format, Date Utils etc., ) but I would like ...//ask for date code Scanner sd = new Scanner(; Delimiter("/"); println("Please enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format:"); String input = Line(); Simple Date Format sdf = new Simple Date Format("MM/dd/yyyy"); Lenient(false); int month = 0; int day = 0; int year = 0; String full Date = ""; try { sdf.parse(input); sd = new Scanner(input); Delimiter("/"); month = Int(); day = Int(); year = Int(); full Date ..purpose of this code is to check and see if the date is valid. i am stuck, because if i enter an invalid date, it only goes through twice, then ends (and doesn't output anything...). It has sorted out the problem with the time, however it only catches days in the date and not months.

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