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While Jensen has predominately stayed on the small screen, creating characters that are loved and enjoyed by many on a weekly basis he has also stared in several movies including De Vour where Jensen’s real-life father played his father on screen too and the slasher remake My Bloody Valentine.” and began dating.

The pair made their first public appearance in early 2009 before later that same year announcing their engagement.

Full Story Supernatural is back in Vancouver after hiatus, just beginning work on Season 7.

And the first episode is to be directed by Jensen Ackles.

One fan asked, "Now that Lucifer has gotten out, do you think there's a chance that Michael [the eldest archangel] could be let out?

" "I think one of the great things that the showrunners and the writers have done over the years is that they have brought back some of these fan-favorite characters," Jensen responded. We are the faces of the show, but we're also fans of the show." He added, "When you have a really good character, and not just that but a really good, talented person playing that character, getting them to come back is always a treat for us, and I feel like it's a nice little treat for you guys, as well.

In November 2009, Jensen asked for her hand in marriage, and they made it official less than a year later in May 2010.

Jensen and Danneel's lives were forever changed when she gave birth to their daughter, Justice Jay Ackles, in May 2013, and they recently revealed that they are expecting twins.

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In 2005, Ackles joined the cast of the WB show horror/drama series Supernatural where he stars as Dean Winchester.

star announced the news on Instagram Saturday after his son and daughter were born on Friday, Dec. “Danneel, JJ and I are excited to announce the birth of our twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes,” Ackles wrote alongside a photo of Dr.