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No woman you've ever met will delight you with more imaginative ways of loving you and such appeal­ing charm.She can flutter her lashes with delicate femi­ninity, but she's not at all helpless when it comes to earning her own living.

It's only fair to warn you that this girl can sincerely believe she's in love, and find other men attractive at the same time.

Do you inwardly envy the Eastern potentates with their harems?

You needn't resign yourself to romantic Walter Mitty daydreams. That way, you'll be guaranteed at least two different wives, and on occasional weekends, as many as three or four. The difference between a girl born under the sign of the twins and a harem is her apparent lack of interest in earthy passion.

But a woman can't very well swing all that, or she would be considered a little freakish. When she finds someone who's appropriately creative, who's at home at the ballet or in the literary world, the duality pops up again.

Right in the middle of a stroll through the museum, her other self will begin to wonder if he's practical enough to make a living or if he has enough common sense to know where he's going.

Every man she ever knew, from Carl Sandburg to her hairdresser, saw her as a totally different person than the other men who thought they knew her, too.

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