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The only difference between the two is the terminologies that each use and a fifth energy force which is in the spiritual dimension.Therefore, one will see that kabbalah is not a religion but spirituality.Since most of the writings from the sages were in either Hebrew or Aramaic, interpretation can take on different meanings depending on the interpreter or knowledge of their times. In fact, Kabbalah teaches to question everything and develop an understanding of what you are receiving which will depend upon your intellect and imagination and your resolve for what is the absolute truth of what you are receiving.

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Since everything starts with Creation, both the sages and the cosmologists tried to explain the concept of creation. BUT, before we can proceed we need to understand the basics.What will you receive by attending our discussion groups? Ultimately the truth rests with the student of Kabbalah depending upon his or her beliefs systems or knowledge base.Kabbalah at L’Dor Va Dor By Abe Fenster, Ph D Much has been written and discussed recently about Kabbalah, and I am constantly being asked,” What is kabbalah?

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” Statements like “We’ve heard so much about it but we don’t know what it is?It is an attempt by the sages to explain the universe and how to live a complete life of satisfaction.This approach is not different from the approach of the new world thinking as espoused by such notables as Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra, and others.Therefore the Almighty commenced Holy Writ with the description of the Creation, that is, with Physical Science; the subject being on the one hand most weighty and important, and on the other hand our means of fully comprehending those great problems being limited. 1), “It is impossible to give a full account of the Creation to man. Thus they have suggested that this subject is a deep mystery, and in the words of Solomon, “Far off and exceedingly deep, who can find it out? The holistic view of the universe coincides with the view of the Kabbalists.

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