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17-Nov-2017 18:03

The album also comes out later this year, so I think they’re going to give out exclusive copies. Amy: Your hair gets really moldable and the texture of your hair dries out, which is I guess unhealthy, but it’s so easy.

You have to do a lot of moisture masks, it’s just like your skin. Well, there’s purple shampoo that’s really helpful.

Their band, named Karmin, just debuted their new single “Acapella” and are gearing up to tour with the Jonas Brothers across the U. We caught up with the duo in New York City to chat about their latest partnership with Tone Body Wash, Amy’s transition from brunette to blonde (and why it took seven hours), Karmin’s moment with Paul Mc Cartney and more. Beauty High: First, tell me a little bit about your partnership with Tone and Turn It Up. Nick: At first I didn’t, but now I have her lotion and all of these other things. People just started doing it, like I saw Lady Gaga in a picture with it and Demi Lovato and P! I’ve always wanted to be a blonde, I’ve always wanted to try it and it’s actually great, it’s almost easier.

Amy and Nick: It happened organically, which is always nice. It worked out perfectly because when we go on tour this summer with the Jonas Brothers, they’re going to set up this contest on their Facebook page and if you win you can come see us backstage for meet and greets and come to our sound checks. You typically don’t hear that from a brunette going blonde – how is it easier?

It took 7 hours to do this color in my hair because it was a gradual lightening.

Smelling good is definitely important, oh and dry shampoo for the tour bus. This year we’re finally staring to feel like we’re holding the controls, and finally starting to feel comfortable with everything.

They met while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and eventually began posting videos of themselves singing popular cover tunes on You Tube.

They developed a following and even caught the eye of Ellen De Generes, who invited them to perform on her show.

He was like, “I love the record, amazing performance.” [Ed Note: Nick spoke in a British accent when quoting Paul Mc Cartney.] It was awesome.

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And finally, “Acapella” is playing on my i Pod, but what’s playing on your i Pods?Amy: Some people thought it was fake, and thought we weren’t really a couple, and that we didn’t have a webcam and ate spaghetti every night and thought that I didn’t work as a wedding singer and Nick didn’t work at a boxing gym, playing trombone on the weekends.I’ll never forget when we moved to LA and drove cross-country. Nick: New Year’s Eve, there was a man named Paul Mc Cartney in the audience who was front row at our show and I gave him a high five.There’s a generic one that you can find at Sally Beauty Supply and that’s really helped with keeping it looking almost natural.