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He was accused of spitting at members of the press who retaliated by squirting him and Michelle Williams with water guns at the Sydney premier of Brokeback Mountain.

Kat Stratford/Julia Stiles Julia Stiles portrayal of the angst ridden Kat Stratford earned her an MTV Movie award for breakthrough female performance.

"So that's her personal vendetta." She shares this interest with Mc Garrett because his parents' deaths are also connected to the mysterious Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).

It's lucky that they have a common goal, considering Kaye may need some help navigating the red tape in Hawaii.

His best known role since 10 things I hate about you has been playing Charlie Eppes in Numb3rs.

He has also appeared in Law & Order, ER and for the past year has played Josh Mariner in The Good Wife.

That’s so retarded and disrespectful to your body and the drug itself.

Mushrooms, acid and ecstasy can offer you a new perspective.’Oleynik was already well known for appearing in The Secret World of Alex Mac when she landed the role of Bianca in the film.

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She has played Ken Cosgrove’s girlfriend Cynthia in Mad Men since 2010. Larissa did her best to convince the producers to let her play Kat instead of the spoiled Bianca.

She went on to star in Save The Last Dance, Mona Lisa Smile and The Bourne Trilogy before taking on the role of Luman Ann Piece in Dexter and Veronica in Silver Linings Playbook .

Her on screen chemistry with Heath Ledger turned out to be real – the pair became an item during filming and she described the actor as being: Stiles is currently in a relationship with David Harbour and has also dated a Josh Hartnet, Joshua Jackson and is rumoured to have had a fling her then married Dexter co-star Michael C Hall but vehemently denies anything happened. Her drunk table dance in the party scene helped her land the role in Save The Last Dance.

So I don't know if it's in the cards, but listen, I won't complain if it is." It's unlikely that a romance for Kaye would happen anytime soon though because of tragedy in her recent past.

"She's an analyst and is on leave to hunt down Wo Fat because he was involved with the killing of her fiancé," the actress explains.She originally auditioned for the role of Bianca and is only three months older than ‘younger sister’ Larissa Oleynik.Her tears while reciting the ’10 things’ poem weren’t planned.Despite controversy surrounding his will which had not been updated to make a provision for his daughter it was finally agreed that his entire estate be left to her. He was a chess progidy growing up and won Western Australia’s junior chess championship at the age of 10.