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Early on they called me daily no matter what I said and the calls never stopped. The fourth was obviously not interested in being on this date. The 2 years I have been with this company I've had the worst dates ever! Also, of the dates, very rarely did I have anything in common with them. Some of them literally just stared at me (no lie) and a couple who actually did engage in conversation I found out we really had nothing in common and were clearly not a good match.I spoke to someone last year and told them I was engaged and not interested and the calls started again this week, every freaking day. This is a cash cow for the company and the employees are unprofessional and untrained. I live in a major city and 95% of the dates they had chosen for me live atleast 2 hours away. They never paid any attention to what I had asked for and would continue to set me up with men with children who lived 2 hours away. One "match" actually sent me half naked pictures of himself the following day so I wouldn't forget what he looked like. It was as if they just picked men at random and gave no thought to who I was matched with. Many times at the dates I would pay the full bill just to get out of there.The staff at these locations coordinate meetings for over 1,000 single clients, with most clients being in their 30s and 40s.From these dates, 70 percent of them result in a second date.Depending on your location, It's Just Lunch will guarantee between 12 and 14 dates.Using San Diego as an example, the city has two It's Just Lunch locations which are very successful.

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A 6 month membership costs 00 CAD, for which they are only obligated to make 4 introductions.As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service.Highly disappointed in this site- the "dates" they set you up with don't match the profile presented, their customer service response time is poor.After the date, you are asked to call It's Just Lunch to give them feedback.

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This information will help them fine-tune your next date with a potential match.

I had heard positive things from other success stories, but that is definitely not the case.