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When Musa was younger, her mother became really ill and died, so she holds all her memories in her heart. Her pixie is Tune, the pixie of manners, who often gets on Musa's nerves since they are almost the exact opposite of each other in terms of personalities and her pixie was changed in Season 6 to Cherie, the Pixie of Weather, her magical pet is Pepe, a brown bear, and her bonded selkie is Sonna, (she met her when Tritannus turned her into a monster) the gatekeeper of Melody. Musa and Riven had some difficulties because Riven got jealous and thought Musa was moving on to a more famous life with her music career and would forget about him; Riven then failed to show his support for Musa's dreams; in doing this, he broke her heart and they split up supposedly forever (which she says in the tenth episode of the fourth season), but soon realized they couldn't be apart from each other.

Riven then tries to convince her that they love each other a lot, and prove to Musa that he has changed, which inspired her to forgive and finally trust Riven, leading to their reconciliation.

She enrolls in Alfea under an alias of a prospective student who had turned down her admission; although she is found out by the staff, she is allowed to stay.

There, she becomes friends with Stella and their housemates Flora, Tecna and Musa, and gives their group the Winx name.

She also loves all forms of music and can play any type as well.

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She is fond of plants and nature and her room consequently resembles a greenhouse. Her bonded selkie is Desiree, the gatekeeper of Lynphea.She comes from the planet Melody, which is a place where its people love all kinds of music, especially Musa, who grew up with music all around her.Her mother, Matlin, was a great singer and her father, Ho-Boe, is a great pianist and could even play the cello.In the film Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, she meets her birth parents Oritel and Marion from the world Domino.

Nov 2, 2016. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told reporters at a Los Angeles press conference that the accuser was "unable ultimately to do this". little media coverage of the alleged rape case - the press conference was not aired on CNN or MSNBC on Wednesday - even though there is a court date set for 16 December.… continue reading »

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Lisa Bloom. Speaking With Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis. Speaking With Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis. So your state has legalized the use of medical cannabis for treating the symptoms of your medical condition and you want to have a conversation with your physician about your options. Where to begin?… continue reading »

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Oct 6, 2017. Interested in Harvey Weinstein? Add Harvey Weinstein as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Harvey Weinstein news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Harvey Weinstein. Add Interest. Bloom, who has made a career of representing women claiming sexual harassment cases, told ABC News Chief.… continue reading »

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Oct 6, 2017. Following in her mother's footsteps, Ms Bloom has set up a legal practice in Los Angeles and represented Mischa Barton in the “revenge porn” case, and comedienne Kathy Griffin, when she sparked fury by posing with a photo of Mr Trump's severed head. Her Twitter feed is full of support for women's.… continue reading »

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Oct 14, 2017. Lisa Bloom, Harvey Weinstein's former lawyer who's known for being a women's rights advocate, says representing him was a 'colossal mistake.'… continue reading »

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