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Schmeets was a housewife who tended cows on the family farm while her late husband worked on the railroad.She lived in a tiny town called Harvey about 80 miles south of the Canadian border.Schmeets was still skeptical after she spoke with the fake FBI agent, but she wanted to use the money to help support her children and grandkids.Bennett told her that all she needed to do to claim her winnings was pay the taxes she owed.“I got so much crap in here I can’t even think about it anymore,” he said with a dismissive wave.“I testified that I looked at over a million emails, but it’s probably closer to 2 million.I tell people, ‘Call me back: Here’s my number, look me up.’ A lot of times they don’t have the internet.

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His office in Bismarck is littered with evidence from scam cases — boxes and boxes of documents, piled on the floor and spilling out of cabinets.Jamaica has roughly the same population as Chicago — but more than double the homicide rate.“Many people see this as a legit source of income, in their minds.” While tourism underpins the Jamaican economy, poverty is extreme.He looked to be in his early 30s and wore a red Manchester United hat. You have to find means and ways.” Wayne and others pointed out that the proceeds from scamming have helped impoverished communities, funding new housing construction and propping up businesses.

Oct 21, 2014. Not Safe at Home Violence and Discrimination against LGBT people in Jamaica Glossary. The laws have been used by police to extort money from adults engaged in consensual homosexual sex; by public television stations to justify refusal to air public service announcements making positive.… continue reading »

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