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The face swap is a yellow icon with two smiley faces inside.

You should see two smiley faces appear on the main portion of the screen now.

"We wanted to bring that offline behavior online, so to speak, with a feature that allows you to be live with a friend even if you aren't in the exact same space."A two-person live stream proved to be both a product and technical challenge.

The Live team had to figure out how both people would appear onscreen.

You can also search for images online to layer over your face, but there's no way to filter or control the images, which makes this an iffy choice for kids to use solo.

Also, there's no privacy policy or terms of service on the developer's website (though there's a link for one), and it's really easy for kids to share images to a public gallery or to social media, so proceed with caution.

It may also be a way that some of your favorite brands will start communicating directly with customers.At least, as many as you can fit in to the course of an hour — the current livestream maximum.Simply end a conversation with one person, and invite someone new to join.Instead of using the Face Time model, which makes one caller appear much smaller, Instagram wanted to make the broadcast a split screen since they envision these streams to be an equal back and forth between two people.

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Sarkar says this is something influencers have been asking for, as a way to communicate more directly and openly with fans.

Update: November 21, 2017: Beginning today, Instagram is rolling out an option to request to join a Live Story.