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21-Oct-2017 06:38

As banal as a straightforward description of the sequence may sound, it is pivotal to our understanding of .

She sits by the bath and crosses her legs provocatively.

The establishment of the Soviet Union only deepened the perceived abyss between the two states in the Japanese mind, with Communism seen as the antithesis of the Chrysanthemum Throne.

The character of Jung-Freud in The impossible name of Jung-Freud is a reference to psychoanalysis and its two superstars: the Austrian Freud and his Swedish disciple Jung.

This bath is exactly like a traditional Japanese bath, reinforcing the two girls’ Japaneseness.

Jung-Freud’s background, on the other hand is as far removed from a Russian or Soviet environment as could be: it is a big painting of the American landing on the Moon, complete with an American flag and the words “United States” written in all-caps below it.

First, they incited passion among their readers, effectively antagonizing them against Russia.

Even though there is no victor, Jung-Freud seemingly accepts Kazumi’s superiority.

Also, no reason is given as to why she should fall for the Japanese coach, unless we are meant to believe that Japanese manhood is irresistible.

That said, most of the imperialism is communicated here through the image.

There is a clear inverse correlation between power and nudity: Jung-Freud as the more exposed is the most vulnerable; the Japanese are in control with Kazumi taking the lead.

Furthermore, Jung-Freud, already sporting a number of foreign traits, becomes overloaded in this sequence.She states:“In the Japanese case political cartoons were essential for defining ‘us’ against ‘them’ and constructing a sense of Japaneseness.They visually identified the foreign ‘other’ against which the Japanese defined themselves, Japanese nationhood, and nationalism by the end of Meiji […] They were instrumental in two important ways.The third line is not translated and the subtitlers have not opted to render it for us.

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