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The Pope interceded with Charles for the couple, who finally reconciled himself to the marriage.King Charles finally gave his son-in-law some land and charged him with dealing with Viking attacks in that area -- attacks that, if unchallenged, might threaten the Franks.Judith was the daughter of the Carolingian king of West Francia, known as Charles the Bald, and his wife Ermentrude of Orléans, daugher of Odo, Count of Orleans and Engeltrude. The Saxon king of the West Saxons, Aethelwulf, left his son, Aethelbald, to manage Wessex, and traveled to Rome on pilgrimage.A younger son, Aethelbehrt, was made king of Kent during his absence.Aethelwulf pacified his son by giving him control of the western part of Wessex.

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They took refuge in a monastery at Senliss, where they were likely married.

A third, Raoul (or Rodulf), was the Count of Cambrai.

Judith died about 870, a few years before her father became Holy Roman Emperor.

The church condemned the marriage as incestuous, and it was annulled in 860. Now about 16 or 17 years old, still childless, Judith sold all of her lands in England and returned to France, while Aethelwulf's sons Aethelbehrt and then Albert in turn succeeded Aethelbald.

Her father, perhaps hoping to find another marriage for her, confined her to a convent.Some scholars have suggested that Charles had hope that Baldwin would be killed in this effort, but Baldwin was successful.The area, first called the March of Baldwin, became known as Flanders.Charles the Bald created the title, Count of Flanders, for Baldwin.

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