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12-Oct-2017 19:14

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All women are attracted to a man who has standards for himself. Check back on the recent article I wrote and be honest about what you have to work on. The vast majority of guys can get themselves to at least an ‘8’ looks wise by just getting themselves in great shape.

Desiring a woman solely based on her looks shows you don’t. And luckily for us, women don’t place nearly as much relative value on looks as we do.

On top of that, in order for the stuff about the crumbling pedestal to really sink in – so you believe it instead of just understanding it logically – you have to go out and have experiences with the women who intimidate you most.

Only through doing so will you see that while some of them are lost in the denial of the fiction they’re living in, many more will be amazing women who are developing themselves and looking for someone who isn’t intimidated by them and the lies we’ve all been raised with.

Other women accept this and develop themselves outside of their looks and find partners who champion these other characteristics instead of those that will fade. EDIT: As Dave P reminded me in the comments, this is also an issue of what kind of standards you have for yourself.

Are you willing to overlook things you dislike about a woman’s character or personality – things that don’t fade with time – because she’s “hot”? Would you say that you’re one of the most attractive potential mates a woman could choose?

The path may be simple, but it certainly isn’t easy.

Developing yourself into the best person you can be is already a daunting task.

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Sylvia:” Morning Justin, today I just wanna say black people are beautiful”. Your lackey, your pawn, easily usable as a filler in any situation. The Muscle/Athlete– Sometime you just need brute strength. While we’re mesmerized by the beauty of the moment – they know their clock is ticking and are mindful of the millions of younger girls ready and eager to take their place.Some women try to take advantage of their time on top for as long as they can, sitting in denial of the future and their inevitable rude awakening.Of course you have to be physically attracted to your partner, but if you choose a mate based solely on looks, it’ll only be a matter of time before you realize how short-sighted of a decision that was.

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