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If you don't remember how cortical bone is made -- cutting cones, Haversian systems, Haversian (longitudinal) canals, Volkmann (transverse, oblique) canals, subperiosteal osteogenesis -- please review. CBFA1 is the factor that osteoprogenitor cells make to turn themselves into osteoblasts (Bone : 107-8, 1999); its levels decrease markedly with age.The endosteum (quiet bone-lining) cells make RANK-L, a membrane-bound protein factor that binds to RANK on osteoclast precursors and turns them into osteoclasts.", then what I'd like best is a contribution to the Episcopalian home for abandoned, neglected, and abused kids in Nevada: I've spent time there and they are good. My home page More of my notes My medical students Especially if you're looking for information on a disease with a name that you know, here are a couple of great places for you to go right now and use Medline, which will allow you to find every relevant current scientific publication.You owe it to yourself to learn to use this invaluable internet resource. If you e-mail me, neither your e-mail address nor any other information will ever be passed on to any third party, unless required by law. I have no sponsors and do not host paid advertisements.All external links are provided freely to sites that I believe my visitors will find helpful.You know bone supports you, protects you, and stores your calcium and phosphorus.

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When a discovery proves to square with the observable world, scientists make reputations by confirming it, and corporations are soon making profits from it.

I cannot examine every claim that my correspondents share with me.

Sometimes the independent thinkers prove to be correct, and paradigms shift as a result.

Teaching Cases SUNY Histopathology West Virginia Case of the Month Society for ultrastructural pathology -- electron microscope cases Pathology Pics -- where pathologists share favorite images. Web Path: Internet Pathology Laboratory -- great site My team: Also: -- my cyberfriends, great for current news and browsing for the general public Enjoy Path -- a great resource for everyone, from beginning medical students to pathologists with years of experience Medmark Pathology -- massive listing of pathology sites Estimating the Time of Death -- computer program right on a webpage Pathology Field Guide -- recognizing anatomic lesions, no pictures Freely have you received, freely give. My site receives an enormous amount of traffic, and I'm still handling dozens of requests for information weekly, all as a public service. D., left a legacy of realism and social conscience for the discipline.

I am a mainstream Christian, a man of science, and a proponent of common sense and common kindness.

I never refuse requests from colleagues for permission to adapt or duplicate it for their own courses... Perspectives on Disease Cell Injury and Death Accumulations and Deposits Inflammation Fluids Genes What is Cancer?

List of Charities. All of the charities on the following list met several criteria. First, they must have low overhead expenses, ensuring that most of the money.… continue reading »

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