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30-Apr-2017 15:16

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My newest dating sim Purra Academy is now out on I'll put it up on Newgrounds next week. I love how the simple yet fun ways too earn money,in dating sim academy...bravo,is all I can say, too shockyvolt: your butthurt prob. I bet your just butthurt,because some sim,in her games wouldn't let you get the secret ending.

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After he completed his painting, he found himself unable to sleep, even though he was desperate to meet his dream muse again.

One day, during a freak cooking accident, Cero burned his painting.

One day, walking down Starry Beach Boardwalk, Cero met Madame Reverie, a flashy gypsy in a purple robe.

"You have suffered, my child," she said with a raspy voice. Everytime I go to read one, it's never the complete copy. It keeps me up at night trying to figure out what happens!!!! She flared her nostrils and widened her cerulean eyes.