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Whenever available, the name of the photographer or artist and the date of the item have been given. This information is followed by the identification number. English names of individuals have been used, with native or secondary designations in parentheses. Office and sutler store, Round Valley Agency, Calif., 1876. Consequently, some of the terms used at the time may now be considered by Native Americans to be outdated, inaccurate, derogatory, disrespectful, or culturally insensitive. To learn more about this topic researchers should contact the individual tribal archives, museums, or libraries. Sioux Indian police lined up on horseback in front of Pine Ridge Agency buildings, Dakota Territory, August 9, 1882. Navajo papoose on a cradleboard with a lamb approaching, Window Rock, Arizona.

Great Camp of the Piekanns near Fort Mc Kenzie, Mont.

Angelic La Moose, whose grandfather was a Flathead chief, wearing costume her mother made; full-length, standing, in front of a tent, Flathead Reservation, Mont.

Lone Bear (Tar-lo), a Kiowa, dressed as an Osage boy with paint stripes on forehead; full-length, seated.

Masked "Mud Heads" prepared to dance; spectators seated on the upper walls, Zuni Pueblo, N.

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Oto delegation of five wearing claw necklaces and fur turbans. Eskimo mother and child in furs, Nome, Alaska; bust-length, with child on back. Havasupai girl wearing beads and cape; half-length, seated. All of the pictures described in the list are either photographs or copies of artworks.