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In a warm, beery haze, our winter worries peel away. With 25 wellness areas ranging from a Finnish log cabin to a citrus-scented hammam, it's the world's largest sauna complex.

Loungers in the Alhambra dry sauna are evenly spaced out around a central circle.

In front of us is a tunnel so wide that you could drive a Fiat Panda through it. At times our inflatable chair corkscrews upwards, thrust uphill by powerful rapids.

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In summer, the entire roof peels open to the sunshine; in winter rock concerts are held, allowing guests to mosh in their Speedos.With a new sense of liberation we walk around the main Vitality Oasis lake.Similar to the Tropical Paradise pool, it's an inviting mineral-rich pond surrounded by Japanese steam baths, bubble massagers and hundreds of white reclining loungers.It's now one of new breed of family-friendly spas across the country, replacing herbal cures and laxatives with hammams and waterslides.