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12-Dec-2017 05:10

This is a reason I'm not in love with Colombia, since night game is a poor option there. Generally in Eastern Europe: 1.10s are girls over 1.80 cm less than 65 Kg with big breasts less than 22 years old with very good symmetric facial characteristics(no big nose,no round or square chin,no protruding ears,with big eyes,fat lips,high cheeks,full hair,not thin hair and teeth in good condition).

To summarize the Baltics, in Riga you'll get scammed but easily fuck a woman over 30. 2.9s are girls over 1.75 cm,less than 65 Kg,with big breasts,less than 23 years old with the same facial characteristics as 10s.

It was extremely frustrating not to fuck the top tier even though so many of them were walking around (with their boyfriends).

If it was any consellation, I fucked more girls in Lithuania than the other two countries.

It was almost automatic that a cute girl was taken. The language barrier was a mild to moderate problem here.

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This is why girls with boyfriends entertained me as an option by letting me escalate just a little. I notice that Lithuanian women have the high cheeks of slavic women but their jaws and hair are different so probably they are the mix of Slavs with ancient stock(ancient Lithuanians were the last ones to be christianized in Europe till 15th century they were still pagans and were forcefully christianized).The hot Lithuanian girls will not be about you unless you they have a particular interest in English or your country. In terms of face, these 2 girls seem as good or better than the average brazilian garota, though I doubt they are as sexy in person.Two of the girls I orbited around worked as a lifeguard in the States for a summer. Im guessing you would rate most cute asian girls 5 or lower, if you are judging all those lithuanian girls as 6s. I experienced the same problem in Tallin where anything above a 7 either had a boyfriend or just wasn't interested in hooking up... Its like a default state of mind that good looking girls have to foreign guys. They are definitely 6 except the fourth girl which could be a seven.It's possible that my rating standards are skewed and need to be recalibrated with a visit back to America, so my 6 could very likely be your 7.