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And thirdly, I am taken back to the continuous golden sands of Dornoch Beach, an hour north of Inverness.

We talked a while and, as he left, he commented how rare it is for anyone to acknowledge him in this way.I am now pondering how I want to embrace this knowing as I move forward with my Speaking Circles® work. One of my watches is always set to UK time, as is my laptop clock. Richard Bach’s tiny book is about freedom and flight.I notice that, when I am sat in a cafe with a flat white and am reading I always check to see the what the temperature and weather is like in London and I know that Dinah looks at the weather in Wellington when she reads her daily newspaper and that a few close friends have a clock set to NZ time. It’s central character is Jonathan, a seagull that chooses to make its own rules and immerse itself in flight because it can, because it wants to and loves to. Once the sun shines it is warm, such, I suppose, is its intensity.Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast, which I visited with Tilla, when I was living in Leeds.