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Important recent work by feminists has also been devoted to exploring the connection between objectivity and objectification.

More recently, some thinkers, such as Martha Nussbaum, have challenged the idea that objectification is a necessarily negative phenomenon, arguing for the possibility of positive objectification.

He pivots off her statement, "I am done with the monster of ‘we,’ the word of serfdom, of plunder, of misery, falsehood and shame," to argue that such sentiments preclude the deepest pleasures of love and sex: I have to think Ayn Rand must never have had any truly satisfying sex in her life, because, as anyone who's ever had an orgasm can tell you, you're not really thinking about yourself, and certainly not the glory of yourself, at that point.

(Maybe later.) You're not really thinking about the other person, either, except for maybe with some vague gratitude. Sex, and its occasional bedfellow, love, remains the great equalizer: everybody loses a little bit of themselves to their partner, and they get something back in return. Love is the same way — when you've found someone you can't help but put above yourself, someone whose needs and wants and weird little foibles you would die to fulfill and preserve, you lose yourself as an individual.

With introduction, two chapters on Ayn Rand s biography and intellectual maturation, and another ten chapters on her philosophy of Objectivism, this volume gets by with merely 95 pages ( including endnotes )).

Mit Einleitung, zwei Kapiteln zu Ayn Rands Biographie und intellektueller Reifung, und weiteren zehn Kapiteln zu ihrer Philosophie des Objektivismus, kommt dieser Band ( inklusive Endnoten ) mit lediglich 95 Seiten and constructivism have in common is the conviction that there is a reality apart from the individual.

Such an attempt, she argues, will only distort the phenomenon in question (2015, forthcoming).

Immanuel Kant's views on sexual objectification have been particularly influential for contemporary feminist discussions on this topic.

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Sie alle gründen auf der Existenz einer objektiven Realität, die es wahrzunehmen - anstatt, wie die Konstruktivisten behaupten, zu schaffen - fask.Comparison of constructivist and traditional classrooms Seen from a purely hypothetical viewpoint, it would consequently be possible to classify this traditional teaching method as being derived from the philosophy of Gegenüberstellung konstruktivistischen und traditionellen Unterrichts Rein hypothetisch wäre es also möglich, diese althergebrachte Form des Unterrichts aufgrund ihrer hier beschriebenen Eigenschaften und Merkmale der Philosophie des .Yet, they offer incompatible answers to the question of epistemology on the human capacity for fask.hat mit der des Konstruktivismus lediglich die Überzeugung gemein, dass es eine außerhalb des Subjekts existierende Realität gibt.Sie liefern jedoch unvereinbare Antworten auf die Frage der Epistemologie nach der Erkenntnisfähigkeit des fask.are, for example, the symbol-theoretical copy theory, naive realism and the Philosophy of Common Sense.Kant thought that sexuality is extremely problematic when exercised outside the context of monogamous marriage, arguing that in such instances it leads to objectification.

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