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There are two main sources of pet demographics in the United States: the biennial by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) which is published every five years.

Together these surveys provide data about trends in pet ownership and produce a reasonably accurate estimate of the total number of dogs and cats.

Holmes said within the rescue and local shelters she saw many potential pet owners looking for a particular breed of dog, regardless of whether that animal was “ideal” for their lifestyle.“There is a personality that a dog has and that all animals have that is very individual and goes beyond breed characteristics,” she said.

The personality quiz takes 3-5 minutes and focuses on traits that “influence the human-canine bond,” and accounts for potential caregivers’ lifestyles, according to Holmes.

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Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of the company, used to work in the tech industry and ran a rescue for eight years.

The quiz is matched against a canine personality test that the pet's caregiver or owner takes on behalf of the animal.

The idea of matching your personality to another person, or, in this case, a dog, is “intuitively appealing,” says John D.

Community cats are friendly stray or abandoned cats as well as feral (unsocialized) cats.

These cats are unowned, but may be provided with food, water and/or shelter by caring individuals. As technology has changed, and the stigma of online dating has faded, people are increasingly turning to the Internet to find the perfect companion, whether that be a man, woman or dog.The online pet-finder portal Paws Like Me recently launched nationwide and touts an “online dating” approach to finding a pet.The HSUS is working with a wide variety of stakeholders to change this through Shelter Animals Count, an initiative formed to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts and enabling insights that will save lives.

A reputable rescue advocates for the animals in their care at all times including Ensuring that all pets are up to date on shots, are heartworm tested and currently on heartworm prevention primarily dogs, sometimes cats, and receive vet care before placement. Spaying/neutering all pets before placement when medically.… continue reading »

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